About us

Our Sustainable Competitive Advantages

We connect every dot that we see today and plan for the unexpected. The challenge was to build a single platform that fits any kind of healthcare facility. We have managed to overcome this by automating our internal process and configuration management in such a way that the facility themselves are able to join pieces to gather and build the workflow they need. This is a great achievement so far and we continue to improve on the automation. There has never been a HIS who built system like LEGO Blocks or IKEA Furnitures where you have a great choice of configurability.

Our customers are our inspirations and they love what we do and that encourages us to do more and build something better than what we did yesterday. Whatever we build all our customer get it without paying anything extra. Our promise to all our existing clients is that they get the latest version of our application that we expect to sell to a new customer.

Simplex HIMES is the product of INTUIT Micro.

INTUIT Micro is one of the fast-growing Software development and healthcare-IT company in the Middle East. Since 2005 INTUIT Micro has been developing affordable software solutions that covers end to end workflow of Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies and Diagnostic centres. With our solutions, service providers are able to manage their operations profitably and maintain higher standards in patients care.

INTUIT has mission towards achieving total customer satisfaction with its dedication and loyalty. All our customers know “We are always there when they are in need”.

We continue to follow our “INTUITIONS”.

At Simplex HIMES we create INTUITIVE, INTELLIGENT and INTEGRATED healthcare ecosystem for health care professionals and patients to communicate for a better tomorrow. We are passionate about improving patient care and profitability of every facility that uses Simplex HIMES. Every investment, action, effort, innovation and creativity are always directed towards these two vital goals.


Create an Ecosystem for healthcare professionals and patients to interact for a better tomorrow.


Create Intuitive, Intelligent and Integrated software, for healthcare industry with patient care in mind.


With humbleness, great  responsibility and love, we create software for healthcare.