About us

Delivering competitive advantage with an innovative software solution

At SIMPLEX HIMES, it is our job to bridge the gap between optimal patient care and technology transformation. We understand the growing demand for fitting medical services and the significance of reforming this industry according to the need of time. This is why our team has created SIMPLEX HIMES, a solution that covers the end to end operations of healthcare facilities. The journey was challenging, and we had to bring complete configuration management and internal process automation modifications to our system. Our experts’ diligence helped us achieve our objective and create a solution that offered extensive health care service automation.

Our clients inspire us to deliver bespoke solutions that exceed their expectations and help them with their operations. Each day, we strive to come up with something new and better than what we have created. We work to stay ahead of market trends and always ensure the latest and best are always available in SIMPLEX HIMES. Get your comprehensive solution today!

SIMPLEX HIMES is developed by INTUIT Micro. Being an industry-leading firm, this quick-evolving Software Development company has served the Middle East’s healthcare IT market for years. It has been developing cost-effective software solutions that offer complete workflow support to Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Centers, Occupational Health Centers, Homecare, Pharmacies and more.

We have made it our mission to ease the operations of medical service providers while maintaining the highest quality of patient. Each of our solutions are crafted to help them in making the best of any opportunity. Our commitment and dedication enables us to always stay by our clients when they need it.

We chase our ‘Intuitions’.

Our success mantra is 3 I’s: Integrated, Intuitive, and Intelligent. We strictly    abide by these core values to refine the healthcare ecosystem for both        patients and professionals. SIMPLEX HIMES also facilitates better    communication among the individuals to achieve all objectives!


To develop a Healthcare Ecosystem that allows the patients to interact with their medical professionals for better healing.


To follow our “3 I’s” and develop compliant software for the medical industry, focusing on patient care.


We make it our responsibility to deliver Reliable patient care services through Innovation and Affection.