Radiology Management


Radiology Information System

Simplex Radiology Management System covers the processes starting FROM the booking of appointments of the modalities against the investigation requests raised by the doctor To delivering the results to the ordering doctor of the hospital.

Radiology Management System is completely compatible with the imaging technologies used by radiologists and offers Smart methodologies for the radiologists to interpret and infer results in reducing their time consumption and effort. Radiology reports and Features include X-ray imaging, ultrasound, computed tomography, positron emission tomography, etc. While surgical radiology encompasses minimal surgical interventions for the imaging of organs. With the advent of new and modern methods of disease treatment, radiology has become essential in the healthcare industry. Radiology research focuses on the development of new and safer imaging techniques and technologies to perform image-guided procedures.

Benefits and Features

  • Invoices & Receipts
  • Deposit management
  • Credit management
  • Cancellation and refund
  • Modality Scheduler
  • RIS Waiting List
  • Technician Order entry
  • EMR Data capture
  • File attachments
  • Modality Work-List
  • Dispatch management
  • Mail & SMS intimation
  • Dispatch tracking
  • Task Scheduler (Internal)
  • Task Alerts
  • Detailed Insurance Plans
  • Clear information on claim data
  • Direct XML generation
  • Handling of Remittance and Re-Claim
  • Work-list management
  • Auto-assign to Radiologist
  • RAD Dictation & Reporting
  • Typist work-list
  • Template-based reporting
  • Works with Dragon Voice
  • Revenue collection
  • Receivable
  • Statistical
  • Customer/Study/Dispatch
  • Insurance & Claims