Population Health An in depth analysis of the health care data and the centralised records helps to understand the health issues of the population specific to the region and provide an uniform course of treatment. Revenue Cycle The completely automated RCM enables healthcare providers to streamline submission and reduce receiving time. It also helps to reduce tedious paperwork and administrative labour substantially. Government and Regulation Aids health care providers to comply with complex regulatory protocols that vary from country to country with completely automated systems and data exchange modules. Distance Care Provides a controllable, measurable and convenient environment for the hospital t elemedicine unit. The care providers are enabled to provide telemedicine facilities without the aid of fancy gadgets that may phase out in a few years. Analytics AI Bridges the gap between reporting and analysis by providing insights that help to make strategic decisions. Specialities & Departments Extensive support for all clinical departments and non clinical departments such as Pharmacy, Document Control, Emergency, Insurance, Quality control, HR, Administration and Finance. Clinical Dynamic management of patient clinical information that can be seamlessly accessed throughout the hospital. The screens, forms and workflow can be easily customised by the hospitals. Patient Engagement Extending the power of Simplex HIMES to patients who would like to interact with the physician. The reports are delivered promptly to their devices. Connectivity Interopability With industry standard connectivity options in Simplex HIMES, the world gets access to controlled and secured information on demand.


Dynamic Model

Manage your patient clinical information intuitively. Every screen, form, and workflow within the application are flexible and easily customisable according to the needs of the organisation.

Easy Access

Accessing patient data is now easier than ever. We are constantly improving the multidimensional view of patient demographics and clinical information for better understanding.

Quality Standards

We always ensure that quality standards are maintained with our efficient decision supportive algorithms. This helps achieve a higher level of care using built-in safety and control protocols.

Physician Friendly

Our EMR has a 96% usage rate but we are constantly striving to make it more user friendly for physicians through our meticulous process of learning from physicians about their ease or difficulties in EMR adoption.


We have developed tools that will automate the workflow and improve the productivity of the caretaker. The platform helps them reduce turnaround time and provide better care for the patients



With the industry-standard connectivity options in Simplex HIMES, the world gets access to controlled and secured information on demand.


Standalone systems are the story of the past. Whether it is for specialty applications, insurance, or regulatory needs, Simplex HIMES has options and API's to exchange information with other healthcare platforms securely.

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Patient Engagement

All our technology solutions are patient centered. Patients play a crucial role in making decisions about their health care and they are becoming increasingly inquisitive of their health and want to know more about, how they can keep track of the progress. Hence their engagement with physicians and the facility staff will help in patient retention for the hospital and also improve quality of care for the patient.


Distance Care

Today patients lives in an increasingly connected world. Telemedicine engages patients by allowing them to connect with their doctors frequently and in a convenient way. This helps to establish a strong doctor-patient relationship as the patients feel empowered to interact without inhibitions.

But health care organisations have an inherent reluctance to choose standalone products for telemedicine facilities that may not be flexible with the existing system. Simples HIMES caters exactly to this need. It helps set up a platform for telemedicine services with a technology that the organisation can trust, control and measure.



There is a huge gap between management reporting and meaningful analysis. There is also a gap between detailed analysis and making decisions out of it. Simplex HIMES helps to bridge the gap. We believe in unrestricted access to data insights. To be the leader in the health care sector, hospitals and healthcare networks need to use analytics to convert clinical and financial data into actionable information that they can use to improve performance and the bottom line.



Simplex HIMES will always be at the forefront among market leaders in adopting new technologies. That’s why AI is a crucial part of our roadmap to the future. We are continuously developing and improving intelligence within Simplex HIMES by engaging with data science experts and healthcare research institutions to bring in better decision support systems for our customers.



Government regulations differ from country to country, and it can be a very tedious and complex process for healthcare institutions. Simplex HIMES helps care providers to comply with the regulatory protocols set by the government of those respective countries. Service providers are stress-free from the frequent changes in the law.


Simplex HIMES complies with the standards set by International health care regulatory bodies and is certified by the appropriate institutions of the country. Strict adherence to regulations is our top most priority so that our customers can use our products with utmost confidence.


Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Getting paid certainly, accurately and at the right time is becoming increasingly challenging. Our complete and comprehensive suite of revenue cycle management solutions makes that process more efficient and effective, helping you meet your revenue and cash-flow goals.

The end to end automated RCM from Simplex HIMES helps organisations to speedup submission, reduce receivable timeline, free up manual paper work and decrease administrative burden.

With our price management, coding and compliance experience, we ensure that providers can submit clean claims for all reimbursable services, resulting in fewer rejections and manage denials.We assure that reimbursement rate is the industry benchmark in RCM. Along with RCM our analytics package generates real-time KPI that let you track accounts and immediately address problem areas that could negatively affect your organization's cash flow. Our RCM is also flexible, scalable and customizable according to the needs of the organisation.


Population Health

Simplex HIMES helps manage population health to improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs. Our technological solution encompasses all the information required to deliver effective population health management such as clinical data management, demographic information analytics, care coordination, and patient engagement.

Institutions should measure cost of care, but when it comes to population health, the most important criteria would be to manage cost of engagement. Simplex HIMES helps takes your healthcare institution to the next level of patient care and management.