Finally, One software Fits all

Simplex Himes delivers the Total Hospital Information System platform purpose-built to meet the needs of independent solutions. Now with Simplex Himes, practicians can effortlessly manage all major functions through one intuitive platform.

One Global Product

One product across the Globe, so that we we bring in innovation and new updates across all the installations, irrespective of any region.

Regional Add on

Regional requirements are configured to show up based on the region in which the facillities are operating from. What you don’t need, you don’t see.

Change Request

Wherever frequent changes needed we have automated. Users have the power to configure the system the way they need it.

Business Rules

Your business, your rules. We made rules engine so that you can define your rules. Use rules for improving patient care and to generate more revenue.

Best Hospital and Clinic

Management System in the Middle

East and African Region

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Why we do, what we do

Join the Innovation

Differentiate between

innovation and renovation

Always Evolve

Use the Product developed

for generation Alpha

Technology Clutter

Avoid technology clutter,

Interface & integrate

Data - Data - Data

Gather data that gives you

edge over ML and AI needs

Need for Regulation

Products that meets your

regulatory requirements

Promise & Delivery

Promise what can be delivered.

Deliver the product

Simplex HIMES is a product of INTUIT Micro. Since 2005, INTUIT Micro has been serving middle east healthcare industry with it’s innovative solutions. SimplexHIMES is the outcome of an extensive research done in the MEA region.

SimplexHIMES will greatly improve patient care and revenue stream of healthcare service providers without needing to worry about challenges of growing need for healthcare standards and government regulations.

It’s a modern web and cloud enabled application which updates itself on a regular basis. SimplexHIMES is a the HOS (similar to the IOS and Andorid of mobiles) for the modern healthcare service providers.

We at INTUIT Micro follow our INTUITIONS and it’s been proven to be working well.

Electronic Health Record and Hospital Information System

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