Document Management


Cutting edge SIMPLEX HIMES Document Management System

Our software offers a centralized Document Management System that increases productivity by decreasing the file access time. It stores every document in a digital format to improve overall organizational safety. The solution is also directed towards helping healthcare facilities provide top quality services.


We have integrated our DMS with the other modules of SIMPLEX HIMES. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits of CRM, EMR, HR, HIS, and numerous other modules. It can also be operated alongside various handheld devices like scanners.

Benefits and Features

  • Centralized storing & accessing of digital assets, including claim/ insurance forms, EMR notes, reports, and other documents.
  • Quick Search Option: It enables you to easily search for documents based on their specific information.
  • Our DMS can be integrated with application modules that are connected with specific physicians, administration users, patients, etc.
  • Transferring administration documents and other medical records from external systems.
  • User defined roles are available to ensure authorized access to the software.
  • SIMPLEX HIMES DMS also comes with Storage Management along with Data Archiving.

At SIMPLEX HIMES, we have a skilled team of experts who can work with your in-house staff to turn your paper records into digital files. These unified documents will be stored within the EMR module automatically. The users will not have to scan and upload these documents manually. This will reduce potential errors significantly. Get our DMS solution today!