Document Management


Document Management System

Simplex Document Management System is a centralized, complete Document digitization and management system. It enhances productivity, minimize file access time helps implement retention / recycle policy, assures security standards, and meets quality control, compliance objective of healthcare service providers.


Simplex Document Management has been integrated with Simplex HIMES – EMR/HIS/LIS/CRM/HR/Admin/CRM modules. Hundreds of scanners, barcode devises, Handheld devices are already integrated. iOS and Android based tablets can also be integrated into the workflow of Simplex HIMES DMS.

Benefits and Features


  • Centralized storage and retrieval of all digital assets – EMR notes, referral letters, reports, insurance forms, consent forms, claim forms etc.
  • Easy search features for quick retrieval of documents (by document type, physician, patient, visit, date of service, etc.).
  • Integrated within the application modules linked to specific patients/visits/ physicians / Administrative user files.
  • Importing medical and administrative documents from other systems and sources and many data types.
  • Multiple, user-definable Roles for restricted access (ex. physicians, administrators, Nurses, transcriptionists, technicians, etc.).
  • Data archival and storage management is easy with the Simplex HIMES DMS.

Our expert team can help the service providers to digitize their paper records in to a unified electronic documents automatically attached to EMR through a well designed workflow. Avoid manual scanning and uploading of documents laboriously. Cut down on errors inserting wrong document to patient medical record by the smart scan to attach workflow.