Device Interface IQC


A Unified Lab Interface Software Solution

We understand that no two healthcare businesses can be the same. This is why we have developed our SIMPLEX IQC to operate with other LIS or HIS products as per your requirements. Our industry-standard solution promotes smoother communication between multiple healthcare platforms. We have also interfaced our IQC module with over 400 Lab Analysers.

Features of SIMPLEX IQC

Electronic Orders


The robust design of our IQC solution gives you complete control over customizing the ordering process of the diagnostic test. By using this feature, you can easily save lots of time and curate requisition forms. This solution will share the demographic data of the patient with the diagnostic team and will help avoid manual entry.

Electronic Results


You and your patients will no longer have to manage multiple test reports and results in hard copies. This way, you can focus on taking relevant measures rather than worrying about misplacing a prescription. All documents will be uploaded onto the EMR module providing you with an instant view of the lab results.

Patient Followup


With SIMPLEX HIMES IQC, you can quickly view the reports of the respective patients. Your staff will not need to make follow-up calls for the ordered test results. Once the reports are generated digitally, they will be uploaded onto the Patient Portal, allowing the patients to access these conveniently.

Diagnostic Machines


Fostering smoother integration with the local diagnostic setup with our IQC module. This tool will seamlessly interact with all they analysers while complying with HL7 regulations. It will also convert the coded lab reports into readable results displaying the required information for each test.

Reduce Errors


Having a proven algorithm-based software that takes care of your lab operations, you can reduce the occurrence of errors. In addition to increasing your operational efficiency, it will also eliminate manual faults in uploading result data. Every test result will be generated, uploaded and viewed in a digital form.

Auto Alerts


With our IQC tool, you can also send automated notifications to the patients or physicians about any unusual or critical outcomes. This will ensure that the right medical steps can be taken to prevent casualties. You can also monitor previous results and reports to predict future changes in the patient’s health.